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Tool Body

CTO's custom reporting application on clincial trials.

Cancer Registry

The Cancer Registry fulfills the center's legal requirement to submit data on cancer cases to a statewide registry.  In addition, the registry provides data for UMHS operations and research.


Emerse is a medical record search engine that searches free (unstructured) text within clinical documents in EHR systems.


i2b2, hosted by MICHR, is a cohort discovery and data search tool.


LatticeGrid is a publication summary tool designed to show publications in each of the Cancer Center's CCSG research programs. It periodically data mines PubMed for all articles that appear to be from UMCCC members. Extensive reports and graphs of program interaction are available.


Cancer Center Informatics uses OpenClinica clinical research software (hosted by MICHR) as a platform to allow groups to store data for research and operations.


RedCap is a clinical data capture tool hosted by MICHR.  CCI can advise interested researchers on best practices and help with study set-up.


Tableau is commercial data visualization software with strong capabilities that include unifying data from multiple sources, visualizing geographic data, and producing interactive charts.


TranSMART is a data exploration tool uniting phenotype and genotype data.


Velos is a commercial application used extensively by the Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office to capture and manage study data for clinical trials.Velos is a commercial application recently purchased by the University of Michigan to serve as an institutional database resource for researchers.

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