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Cancer Center Informatics Overview


The Cancer Center Informatics team (CCI) consists of 9 full time informatics and IT professionals who manage clinical informatics for Rogel Cancer Center members. The Core focuses on clinical research informatics and provides specialized services for collection and use of clinical and biospecimens data. These include text mining of clinical records for cohort identification and clinical annotation. Technical consulting provided by the CCI includes data extraction from clinical systems and knowledge bases, integration with clinical and research data, project management, and business analysis. The facility uses a modified Agile approach for software development. The facility can provide quality assurance, user documentation, and training services as part of the software development and deployment lifecycle.
Specific services include:

- Creation of electronic data capture systems for longitudinal and disease registries
- Data integration with the Epic Electronic Health Record and other systems
- Custom software and database development
- Development of disease registries
- Development of biorepository registries
- Technical operation of data coordinating centers
- Technical project management and business analysis services
- Consulting on development and use of biomedical ontologies
The CCI collaborates closely as part of the UM Medical School Bioinformatics Core facility and Biostatistics facility and refers researchers to those facilities for issues involved in clinical trials design, data analysis, or bioinformatics applications involving molecular level data.

Our service model is similar to that established by the Rogel Cancer Center Biostatistics Core. Specifically, any researcher may contact, without charge, the CCI for consultation in cancer-informatics-related activities. Requests for programming and other expenditures of significant effort are reviewed by the Cancer Center Data Governance Committee to ensure resources are allocated to projects in a fashion aligned with overall Cancer Center strategic goals.

Requests for Service

Please send requests for service to

University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center at North Campus Research Complex
1600 Huron Parkway, Bldg 100, Rm 1004 
Mailing Address: 2800 Plymouth Rd, NCRC 100-1004
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800 

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